Everything You Need to Know About Xballs

Xballs are an airdrop giveaway that can be claimed by each Klubx user only once. There are three types of Xballs...

What are Xballs?

Xballs are an airdrop giveaway that can be claimed by each Klubx user only once. There are three types of Xballs: Classic, Legendary, and Rare, each with a different difficulty level to obtain.

How do I claim my Xballs?

To claim your Xballs, simply click on the "claim Xballs" button located in the top left corner of the feed page in the app or the top right corner of your feed in the desktop app, and follow the steps:

You can also claim your Xballs from your profile page when clicking on the blue bubble next to your user name.

How can I claim quality Xballs?

The quality of your Klubx account affects your chances of obtaining Xballs. Factors like the number of digital assets you own in your wallets and the number of connected wallets with value can increase your chances of obtaining Xballs (make sure to connect all your wallets before claiming). Additionally, sharing your personal link on social media can also increase your chances of obtaining more valuable Xballs. This link is automatically generated when you click on the "claim Xballs" button.

(example link: https://balls.klubx.io/userName)

What if my Klubx account has no crypto assets? Do I still have a chance to obtain good Xballs?

Yes! To make the giveaway accessible to everyone, our AI considers different factors, and Xballs can be obtained randomly as well.

Can I obtain Xballs more than once?

Currently each Klubx user can claim Xballs only once.

For how long is the Xballs airdrop available?

Xballs airdrop is currently available for a limited period only! Claim your Xballs as soon as possible.

How do I know which type of Xballs I obtained? / Where can I see my Xballs?

The type of Xballs you obtained will be revealed to you when you claim it.

Once you have claimed your Xballs you can view them under your profile:

What happens when I claim my Xballs?

Once you claim your Xballs, our AI will generate them according to the data your account obtains, and you can receive between 3-10 Xballs in total.

What is the use of the Xballs?

Each Xball will generate a unique gift for you that will be revealed soon!

Can I send my Xballs to another user?

Xballs are unique and cannot be shared or transferred.

How can I see other users Xballs?

To view the Xballs of other users, you can check their profile and select the blue bubble next to their username. This will display their current Xballs. However, if you are unable to see the user's Xballs, it likely means that they have not claimed their Xballs yet.

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